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“Greenbackers is all about catalysing the investment needed to build a more sustainable society. By connecting disruptive technology providers to our large network of climate focused investors, we’d like to think we’re helping to back the planet – one deal at a time…”

Robert Hokin, Founder and Managing Partner

GREENBACKERS Investment Capital are specialists for cleantech and climate technology venture capital and first-institutional funding. We help start-up and scale-up founders who either: can’t afford the fees of a big investment house, worry that most advisors are too ‘generalist’, or are too busy running their businesses to do it themselves.

Accessing venture capital today is tough, it is a world apart from first-round funding via angels, angel networks or crowdfunding. We’re here to help. With a dedicated deal platform of over 350 VC, Corporate and Impact funds who actively invest in Seed, Series A & B stage equity, asset and project finance, and a register of hundreds more who we know, Greenbackers offer an investment capital conduit, a founder-friendly funding service that is open to application 24/7. We are cleantech experts “Backing the planet…one deal at a time.”