Fundraising Support for Founders/Technology Ventures

Our proven model helps Cleantech ventures seeking Seed or Series A and B funding secure investment and accelerate technology adoption

Access to unparalleled network of verified Cleantech investors

Flexible engagement options to suit venture budgets and timescales

Technology adoption support via extensive industry networks of our Partners

We’ll help you fine-tune your investment narrative, then actively campaign you to funds in the cleantech, greentech and ocean tech space.

This is an investment-raising program with teeth!

Raising Funds for your climate/cleantech business? Did you know that: investment funds may delete anywhere between 80-90% of all deals that hit their inboxes after only a cursory look at the subject line? Unfortunately, this means that no matter how promising or investable your deal is, many funds fail to register it.

With over 120 years of experience, especially in the cleantech/climate tech venture space, Greenbackers can help you navigate the capital raising process, get you noticed and, most importantly, ENGAGED WITH FUNDERS. Greenbackers have a large, captive audience of VCs, corporate venture and impact funds that we introduce to qualified founders – via our secure, digital deal platform that enables the flow of capital specifically into this sector.

Climate ventures (earthtech, oceantech, cleantech and all related subsectors) can apply for support to meet these active, pre-qualified funds within Greenbackers global network.

There are now over 350+ funds participating representing some $15bn in capital on Greenbackers Deal Platform, enabling syndication and co-investment. This includes VC’s, Corporate Venture Funds, Impact Funds, Family Offices, Angel Syndicates and, in the UK, EIS Funds from our due-diligenced, pre-qualified register of over 3500 funds, whom we regularly inform about the efficiency and progressive benefits of the platform. The majority are from UK/Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.   

The Greenbackers team proactively co-ordinates discussions between participating ventures, funds who regularly visit the platform and our database. This is NOT a ‘pray-someone-sees-you’ sort of program – this is active, dynamic fundraising that gets results.

Qualifying ventures get continuous funding support for 12 months minimum, extendable if desired. We will work with you to get you funded for as long as it takes.

Stages of Support

Our program is designed to maximise your positioning to attract investment. 


  • Kick off mtg, bus. review & engagement
  • Review of documentation
  • Evaluation of investment case


  • Pitch Deck & Video
  • Business Plan
  • Supporting documentation and dataroom
  • Financial forecast
  • Test assumptions


  • Greenbackers feedback, revise information throughout all formats
  • Final recommendations


  • Go-live on Deal Platform
  • Engage and Follow-up with Funders
  • Targeted outreach to other deal-specific fund prospects globally

How our support process works:  

Greenbackers provides support in two parts, to add value to your fundraise, depending on how ‘ready for investment’ your program is. It sounds like a lot and it is, but we can onboard you and commence campaigning in under 3 weeks.

Not sure if you’re REALLY ready for investment? Greenbackers offer an initial Investment Risk Assessment and review to help you test how investable you are, given your current stage of development. This highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your business through the eyes of a funder. If you score well, it is valuable and independent validation of your investment case. If you do NOT score well, we’ll provide feedback to help you improve it. Either way, you will benefit from this part of the process.

You’ll then construct a Full Deal Profile on Greenbackers Deal Platfrom. Your Deal Profile is what Funders will see during a Greenbackers Fundraising Campaign.

During this phase, we’ll help you to fine-tune your profile and supporting materials to hook potential investors and show your ESG & SDG potential. If needed, we’ll help you create an additional pitch deck for oral presentations. We’ll also conduct a Financials Review, to test they are consistent with your business vision (revenue streams, costs, valuation, rounds, exit) and ensure they align with the overall narrative and milestones of your pitch deck.

Elements of your program that we will review, test and improve together:

  • Establish a deep understanding of your business and how you currently articulate it;
  • Evaluate and test your capital needs, timing and milestones;
  • Help you fine-tune your marketing documentation (Teaser / Information Memorandum / Management Presentation);
  • Help you align your commercialisation roadmap with equity rounds;
  • Review your Financial Model and test your proposed Pre-Money Valuation;

The Greenbackers team works with you to ensure your pitch profile and material is at a standard needed to attract the funding you are seeking. Any funds that we will be campaigning shall be directed towards your deal profile which acts as a non-confidential, mini data room (pitch deck, financials, market strategy, detailed team info, videos & any supporting documentation).

Once your ‘deal profile’ is ready we then move quickly to filtering and providing a tailored, investor engagement ‘hit list’ from both our deal room and other data bases of ~4500 funds through our CRM which facilitates tracking and reporting on all connections made. The initial list is typically ~100 funds who will have prior/active interest in the sectors you are targeting and whose investment risk profile aligns with your tech’s stage & maturity – we walk through this with you to ensure any prior discussions/engagement are taken account of.

Once your profile is ready, Greenbackers will promote and campaign your deal to funders via Greenbackers Investment Showcase, our by-invitation, funders only digital deal-platform. Over 350+ funds with close to $15bn in capital under management are participating, enabling syndication and co-investment. The majority of these funds are VC’s, Corporate Venture Funds, Impact Funds, Family Offices, EIS funds in the UK and Angel Syndicates from UK/Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.   

Then we proactively coordinate discussions between client ventures, with funds that regularly visit the platform and our database. This is NOT a ‘pray-someone-sees-you’ sort of program – this is active, dynamic fundraising that gets results. We qualify real interest and then sit on calls with you to support the discussions (given that we likely know most of those that we introduce).

Qualifying client ventures get continuous funding support for 12 months minimum, extendable if desired. We will work with you to get you funded for as long as it takes with regular update calls every 2-3 weeks to review progress, and regularly meet more frequently, depending on the urgency and stage of your fundraise.

IMPORTANT, you will have automatic participation rights to both of our biannual pitch events that are highly regarded by the industry such as our  – with 150 funds signed up and 90 participating on the day. During these events we also hosted 1:1 investor meetings. 100+ individual speed dating sessions between ventures and funds (on request by the funds). We record all the pitches from the session and use it as additional collateral for any funds that couldn’t make it – this significantly amplifies the campaign. Our next event will take place in London during COP 29 in November.

We also provide support on Go to Market strategy and targets – we leverage our strong corporate contacts from our buy-side activities for this (we are technology scouts for TechnipFMC).

And we also include you in our BiWeekly Newsletter to our investor network initially to notify them of your onboarding and providing a brief intro to your business and with time, any significant market/funding updates can also be conveyed via this mechanism.

Benefits included in the program are: 

  • Your Company Investment Profile on Greenbackers Showcase; where Investors will see your Pitchdeck, detailed information of your fundraise, presentation video and can contact you directly.
  • Guarenteed participation at our bi-annual Pitch Events, where you can present your offering and meet investors face to face.
  • On-line and direct introductions: you’ll meet active, pre-qualified investors from Greenbackers global network: Corporate Ventures, Technology VC’s and Private Equity Funds, Impact Investors, Family Offices​, Asset & Project Finance funds, Angel Syndicates and in the UK, EIS Funds.  
  • Investor’s online roundtable session and live pitches introducing you to Greenbackers Investor Community. 
  • Social media campaigns targeting our 50,000+ followers us on LinkedIn. Greenbackers will work with your team to co-ordinate all outreach to maximise effectiveness.
  • Introduction to the Solar Impulse Foundation program – a direct line to fast-track application into their globally recognised ‘1000 Solutions to Change The World’ label
  • Invitations to support from Greenbackers Collaboration Partners around topics such as “Grant Fundingand “Term Sheets” and more, provided by industry experts from Greenbackers Ecosystem Partners.


Full Investment Campaign (contract required): GBP£10,000 +UK VAT, (approx. Euro €11,650 / USD $12,650 / AUS$19,200) for 12 months of support: extendable if needed. Plus Success fee: 5% commission on all funds raised (up to £5m, adjusted downwards for larger amounts) via Greenbackers Showcase platform, 50% of which Greenbackers are willing to take as shares in the company if this option is mutually agreed. See our Service Agreement and Contract HERE.

See additional FAQ’s here

  • An innovative business in the climate/cleantech/ocean economy sector or related
  • Seeking Seed or Series A, B or C equity finance or Convertible Loan Note and have raised a funding round previously (i.e., NOT pre-seed
  • Strong team (with a plan to fill any gaps)
  • Differentiated technology/service solution to a defined problem
  • Scalable business model and large (and defined) addressable market
  • Early market validation: sales, customer trials/testimonials or independent assessment
  • Pitch Deck, plus a short video (2-3 minutes is ideal) and business plan ready and available for review
  • Clear strategy and exit vision with a justifiable pre-money valuation
  • If you happen to be a UK domained business, EIS pre-assurance is strongly advised.

Greenbackers can help you throughout your entire fundraising journey – from planning and preparation for your funding round, to investor approach and engagement, term sheet and due diligence through to closing.

Don’t go through this mission-critical process alone. Join with Greenbackers today and enable a thriving planet for future generations.

Greenbackers Investment Capital. Backing the planet…one deal at a time.

“Working with Greenbackers led directly to our introduction to and subsequent fund raise with Investec. During the process, the Greenbackers team became an extension of our own team. Their enthusiasm, focus and co-ordinated approach made all the difference to our fundraise success and we would not hesitate to use them again. They’re simply great to work with.”

Jeremy Littman, Founder and MD, Engenie Limited (now Osprey) UK Rapid Charge EV network. Greenbackers advised and raised £5m in equity from Investec Bank