Greenbackers Investment Showcase

“The Greenbackers Showcase" - an unique online investment platform, dynamically introducing qualifying ventures to Greenbackers global network of investment funds. For Seed Stage, Series A, B & C opportunities.

Investors delete anywhere between 80-90% of all deals that hit their inboxes. This means that no matter how promising your deal is, most investors aren’t even taking the time to review it. Don’t let precious time go to waste during your fundraising. Greenbackers have a large captive VC audience that we will introduce you to via our secure, digital deal platform…provided we think your deal is investible. We invite you to convince us.

Climate ventures (earthtech, oceantech, cleantech and all related subsectors) can apply to meet active, pre-qualified funds from the Greenbackers global network.

Greenbackers mission is to accelerate venture capital flows into the climate space. To do this, we have developed a secure, deal-sharing platform to streamline the origination process and increase efficiency for investors. We have now over 370 funds participating on our platform, enabling syndication and co-investment opportunities. This includes VC’s, Corporate Venture Funds, Impact Funds, Family Offices, Angel Syndicates and, in the UK, EIS Funds from our ground-up-qualified database of over 3500 funds, which we are continually attracting onto the platform. The majority are from Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.   

The Greenbackers team proactively co-ordinates discussions between participating ventures and these investors who regularly visit. This is not a ‘post and pray someone sees you’ type of program – this is active, dynamic fundraising that gets results.

Opportunities to ‘pitch’ to these investors are standard – but rather than a single day, qualifying ventures get continuous funding support for 6 months minimum, extendable if desired.

Not just a 1 day ‘pitch and pray’ session, but funding support for 6 months (minimum). Here’s how it works:  

We have a rigorous stage-gated process to determine whether we can add value and are specific about the ventures that we take on to support, so you’ll need to apply to be accepted.

Stage 1: Purchase a ticket to apply to our program and commence an initial investment readiness assessment – to enable Greenbackers to determine your suitability. Cost: UK£99+VAT or approx USD$120/Euro€112.

This assessment takes 15-20 minutes to complete and helps us determine:

  • How investable you are given your current stage of development.
  • This highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your business through the eyes of a fund. It’s an important filter for us and part of our due diligence process which we require all ventures to complete.
  • If you score well, it is also a valuable and independent validation, which you can use for your fundraising efforts, whether you continue with Greenbackers or not.

You can then decide if you want to proceed to Stage 2, to create and submit a full ‘investment profile’ to our Showcase platform, for review and consideration by the Greenbackers team.  

Stage 2: Create a detailed investment profile on Greenbackers Showcase platform. Your profile is what Greenbackers will review in order to evaluate your viability for our program – and what investors will see during your Fundraise after we help you to fine-tune it.

Please note: there is no charge for Stage 2. See FAQ’s here

Criteria – you should be prepared to meet the following when applying to the program

  • An innovative business in our sector (climate/cleantech/ocean economy or related)
  • Seeking Seed or Series A, B or C equity finance or Convertible Loan Note and have raised a funding round previously (i.e. NOT pre-seed) 
  • Strong team (with a plan to fill any gaps)
  • Differentiated technology/service solution to a defined problem
  • Scalable business model and large (and defined) addressable market
  • Some form of market validation: sales, customer trials/testimonials or independent assessment
  • Pitch Deck, a short video (2-3 minutes is ideal) and business plan ready and available for review
  • Clear strategy and exit vision with a justifiable pre-money valuation
  • If you happen to be a UK domained business, EIS pre-assurance is strongly advised

Stage 3: If accepted into the program, Greenbackers will help you fine-tune your investment profile to ensure it is as compelling as possible and encourages investors to engage. This will involve a 1 on 1 meeting with the Greenbackers Team. Once your funding profile is ready, Greenbackers send out investor alerts on your venture, match-make where possible and schedule at least 1 investor roundtable or live pitch so that interested funds can meet you.

Benefits included in this program are: 

  • Your Company Investment Profile on Greenbackers Showcase; where Investors will see your Pitchdeck, detailed information of your fundraise, presentation video and can contact you directly
  • On-line and direct introductions: you’ll meet active, pre-qualified investors  from Greenbackers global network: Corporate Ventures, Technology VC’s and Private Equity Funds, Impact Investors, Family Offices​, Asset & Project Finance funds, Angel Syndicates and in the UK, EIS Funds  
  • Investor’s roundtable session and live pitches introducing you to Greenbackers Investor Community. 
  • Social media campaigns targeting over 50,000 who follow us on LinkedIn. Greenbackers will work with your team to co-ordinate all outreach to maximise effectiveness
  • Introduction to the Solar Impulse Foundation program – a direct line to fast-track application into their globally recognised ‘1000 Solutions to Change The World’ label
  • Invitations to support masterclasses around topics such as “Grant Funding”, and “About Term Sheets” hosted by industry experts from Greenbackers Ecosystem Partners.
  • Automatic inclusion into Greenbackers next Climate Pitch in Glasgow during All-Energy, taking place on 11 May.
  • See FAQ’s HERE


If (and only after) your profile is agreed as ‘investment ready’ and you agree to be activated on the Showcase platform:

  • Platform fee for 6 full months of support: £4499 (approx. USD$5415/Euro€5070) extendable thereafter on a monthly basis for £499/mo (approx USD$600/Euro€565/mo).
  • Success fee: 5% commission on all funds raised (up to £5m and adjusted downwards for larger amounts) via Greenbackers Showcase platform, 50% of which Greenbackers is willing to take as shares in the company (please note: non-compulsory)
  • Moderate consulting and get-ready coaching is provided as part of this service.
  • UK VAT is chargeable for all UK registered and participating ventures.
  • Download our service agreement and contract HERE.