Deazy – digital experts

Deazy is a next-generation software development delivery partner with an innovative and unique approach to accelerating digital project delivery. We revolutionise digital delivery by tackling critical resource obstacles delaying your technology roadmap. 

Leveraging our relationships with over 85+ rigorously vetted, top-tier global delivery teams, we support our clients by quickly increasing their digital capacity and providing access to diverse technical skills. 

Our mission is to help our clients accelerate digital delivery with an adaptive workforce model that dynamically scales capacity and capability across the entire enterprise technology stack. Our unique model differs from the traditional agency approach by combining 6,000+ development experts with our UK-based product and delivery management teams to move faster than agencies but without the quality risks associated with outsourcing. Our adaptive global workforce and managed delivery methodology enables us to move much faster than traditional software agencies and mitigate the quality risks associated with outsourcing.

Our major differentiators are:

  • An ‘Infinite Bench’ model, all our clients are guaranteed access to the very best technical talent for every engagement.
  • A developer ecosystem of highly vetted and highly validated resources.
  • Engagements underwritten by delivery management by our UK-based product team.
  • We operate multiple engagement models, from single developer team augmentation to entire squad support or even end-to-end project delivery.
  • We undertake Legacy Application Support, either on a retained basis or ad hoc.

We offer flexible solutions, including global team augmentation, full development squads, and end-to-end project delivery across all technical areas, including AI, CRM, Cloud, and work with companies like RAC, Popeyes UK and Fleetcor.

Special Offer 

  • Free Introductory consultation: We’re excited to offer a free consultation session to Greenbackers’ ecosystem to evaluate and suggest ways to accelerate any part of your digital roadmap (or vision)
  • Digital Health Check: As part of the greenbackers support program to enhance startups’ attractiveness to investors , we offer a specialised Digital Health Check service. This service offers a comprehensive assessment of a startup’s digital landscape, producing detailed reports that evaluate technological capabilities, identify potential risks, and uncover growth opportunities. Our expert, unbiased analysis provides clear recommendations for best practices and mitigations, enabling investors to make well-informed decisions with confidence. This third-party review is designed to optimise investor evaluations and support startups in achieving their full digital potential.