Scintilla – Patent and IP Strategists

Putting innovators in control of their destiny by organising, optimising and monetising intellectual property.

Scintilla is a firm of Patent and Trademark Attorneys and intellectual property strategists.

As well as filing your patents, trademarks and registered designs globally, we can unlock the value of intellectual property in your business through our consultancy services, supporting investment raising by identifying your IP and documenting an IP strategy, and through our fractional Chief Intellectual Property Officer (fCIPOTM) services which provide you with the right systems, workflows and policies to effectively manage your IP.

All of our patent attorneys and trainees have a background in science or engineering, most to PhD level, and so we have in-depth technical expertise in the areas of engineering, cleantech, space, artificial intelligence, electronics, photonics, quantum, telecoms, and semiconductors.

Our trademark department also helps innovative companies protect and police their brands, so that their goodwill is securely protected.

Scintilla exists to empower the innovations that transform our world, so working with Greenbackers is a natural fit for us, as we are both passionate about supporting developments in earth tech, ocean tech and clean tech which are so urgently needed to secure a sustainable future for our planet.

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