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The ongoing drive to combat climate change is not only encouraging growth in existing green sectors but is also leading to the development of entirely new fields. J A Kemp attorneys are working with clients to secure protection of their innovative intellectual property across the sector.

For knowledge-intensive businesses, your intellectual property (IP) assets are likely to be the cornerstone of your operations and of great value, but have you taken adequate steps to identify and protect them all?  We can provide a team of specialists from across the legal and technical spectrums to help you with this and develop an IP strategy to support your business goals.

We are one of the largest UK and European firms and our excellence is recognised with top-tier rankings in all directories.  Our attorneys have experience in dealing with inventions in areas such as carbon capture utilisation and storage, hydrogen production, methane reforming, battery technologies, fuel cells, bio reactors, biofuels, plastics recycling, combined heat and power systems, air purification technologies, water treatment and gene editing technologies to improve food security.

We also have experience of using the UK-IPO “Green Channel” to accelerate the examination of UK patent applications relating to clean or green technology.

Contact Stephen Hodsdon, head of J A Kemp’s Cleantech Team for a free, no-obligation, confidential discussion.