Philip Hare & Associates

Philip Hare & Associates

Philip Hare & Associates specialises solely in the UK’s Venture Capital Tax Reliefs.

Our principal team of 8 fee earning staff include qualified accountants and/or Chartered Tax Advisors, having previously worked within top accountancy firms.

Between us we have well over 65 years’ experience in this field and have won many awards.

Philip is a board member of the EIS Association (EISA) and chairs the EISA Tax & Technical Committee. He is a member of the VCT Technical Committee for the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) and is a member of the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA) State aid committee for VCTs and the EIS.

Our firm advises the VCT Association and is also a member of the Venture Capital Tax Reliefs Stakeholders Group.

Our services:

We are able to support companies throughout their fundraising lifecycle as follows:

Our team have worked with thousands of growing companies.

As well as general advice regarding the S/EIS legislation, the main area of support that Philip Hare & Associates LLP can assist companies with is:

  • Preparation of an advance assurance application: this scope of work involves:
    • a detailed review of the company’s circumstances and proposed fundraising, including, but not limited to, a review of the company’s trade, the age of the company/ trade, the ‘knowledge intensive’ criteria, the amount and use of the funds to be raised, the company’s ownership structure and any group structure in place;
    • reviewing the supporting legal documents and investment deck and advising of changes needed for S/EIS purposes;
    • preparation of a detailed application setting out these details in a logical and concise manner and explaining how the company meets the S/EIS requirements; and
    • submission of the application to HMRC and responding to any further correspondence with HMRC.

After the investment has been made and once shares have been issued to EIS investors, Philip Hare & Associates LLP can assist with the preparation of Form S/EIS1, needed to notify HMRC of a share issue under the S/EIS, as well as populating the S/EIS3 certificates needed for individuals to claim their S/EIS relief once authority to issue certificates relating to subscriptions for eligible shares (S/EIS2) has been received from HMRC.

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