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Accessing Non-Dilutive Funding for Cleantech SMEs: Video

Tom Kennard and Andrew Smith discuss the various forms of non dilutive funding and how you can enhance your prospects of accessing them.

Tom Kennard, MD of Granted Consultancy has led the business for over a decade, taking the company from a small cupboard in Exmouth to acquisition by the billion dollar American company Ryan.

Over that time the company has grown to over 40 employees and raised over a quarter of a billion £ in non-dilutive funding. Tom has been a regular at our Greenbackers events over the years and we are delighted to have established a Partnership with Granted; we firmly believe that our community of investors and ventures will benefit from the expertise and reach of the Granted business.

The acquisition by Ryan, an award-winning global tax services and software provider and the largest Firm in the world dedicated exclusively to business taxes has materially enhanced Granted’s reach and services. Ryan’s European operations provide many of the most respected companies in the region with a comprehensive suite of integrated international tax services, building total tax performance, improving cash flow, and continuous improvement by transforming the tax function into a “best practices” environment.

The growth of Granted has always been predicated on expertise and relationships, and the link-up with Ryan now enables Granted to deliver full market coverage across all tax and incentives, from R&D grants to Capital Allowances and VAT recovery to name a few.

To bring this new Greenbackers Partnership to life AND to hear about the latest Product developed by Tom and his team – GRL Readiness – our own Andrew Smith chatted to Tom Kennard and – lucky for you – the whole conversation was recorded. Have a listen here: 

If you want to engage with a team of experts that understand the technicalities of an innovation project, know what it takes to be successful, secure funding and guide, advise, and support you throughout your journey – get in touch with the Granted Team here: