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Andrew Smith session panellist at The North Sea Decarbonisation Conference.

In the session, Marine Energy: Riding the wave for a greener future, the panellists will look at current projects and the various technologies being used to harness the power from the North Sea. Oceans are very much an untapped source of energy and yet have the potential to be an infinite power source.

At 9:40 am – 10:50 am, 17th May 2023 | Marriott London Grosvenor Square, London

Session Running Order:

  • Welcome and Introduction – Prem Mahi 
  • Ocean Energy Europe Presentation – Donagh Cagney
  • Simec Atlantis Presentation  – Sean Parsons
  • Mocean Energy Presentation – Andrea Caio
  • Overview from Andrew on his perspective of the sector – Andrew Smith, Greenbackers
  • Panel Discussion – Prem Mahi to facilitate

The two-day conference will explore the North Sea’s journey and how it is playing a leading role in the transition to a low carbon energy future, as well as presenting an opportunity to further connect the UK and neighbouring European markets.

As the North Sea enters a new era as an energy basin, the oil and gas industry are reshaping their strategic responses to the energy transition, to help reduce emissions, leverage industry capabilities and accelerate towards clean energy.

Realising a net zero vision of the North Sea is both a technological challenge and a huge opportunity, as there is an increasing need for the global transition to clean power to be at least four times faster than it is at present.

Join us as we come together to explore the role in shaping the North Sea’s low carbon energy journey, discuss the potential of the North Sea, the opportunities, the industries, and technologies which are expected to flourish.