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Join Andrew Smith and a distinguished panel at the EIC Energy Export Conference

We are delighted that Andrew has been invited to join this distinguished panel at the EIC Energy Export Conference in Aberdeen, Scotland, on 15th June 2022.

The two-day conference, commencing on 14th June will:

  • Identify key global energy project opportunities and provide advice on how to succeed in new markets;
  • Provide access to contacts with exciting energy project opportunities from around the globe; and
  • Discuss the industry’s energy transition requirements and opportunities evolving from net zero targets.

Andrew is joining a panel chaired by Audrey Caulliez-Louis , Partner at MayCap Advisors, Impact Advisory Chair at ImpactA Global Structured Project Finance and Co-Founder CCC Training . Andrew and Audrey work together on the Financing technology to Net Zero working Group . Fellow panellists are Tim Palmer, Head of Renewables & Transition (or Richard Simon-Lewis TBC) UK Export Finance Victoria Miles, Founder at ImpactAGlobal and Richard Lum, Managing Partner & Co-Chief Investment Officer at Victory Hill Capital Advisors LLP.

Areas of interest for the panel include

  • What are the various sources of Capital available to support the energy transition (equity, debt, loans, capital markets, green bonds, ECAs, DFIs, etc).
  • What are the eligible assets for Green or Sustainable finance? How liquid is the market? Deployment of Renewables: what are the main markets and main challenges? (Grid connection, regulations/political risks, transmission capacity, permitting, Supply Chains and Covid-related issues such as lockdown, etc).
  • Update on Financial Structures seen on the markets, including the move to more aggressive structures: Merchant, Corporate PPAs, tenors, pricings, etc.
  • Update on Financial tools helping the fast deployment of Renewables: Green Bonds, is this a solution?
  • Sustainability-Linked loans…and challenges? Financing of emerging solutions and technologies for broader Renewables or Energy transition assets (Hydrogen, CCS, Batteries..) and challenges and Mature markets vs Emerging countries, what are the differences in approach?

It promises to be an interesting session and a highly attractive event.

You can register Here: Delegate Registration – Welcome to the Registration Page for EEC 2022 (