COP26 SuperPitch

Greenbackers presents our #26ForCOP26 cohort of Cleantech Ventures – all who are moving the needle on climate change with their innovative solutions. This group of 26 were selected from hundreds of applicants and have been deemed “investment ready” by the Greenbackers team. They presented live from COP26 on 9 November to an audience of over 350 Live and 1100 online.

The cohort’s technologies are applicable across the full gamut of Cleantech sub sectors including e-mobility, blue economy, renewable energy, resource conservation, sustainable farming, circular economy, sustainable consumption and many more. 

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Blockchain Triangle

Managed platform for big data and financial services connecting Smart Meters and IoT devices to securitization
Cheesecake Energy

Designing, building and licensing the world’s greenest battery at 30-40% lower cost than lithium-ion
Chitendai Ltd

Has developed a very powerful & compact solar panel that makes electricity more Accessible and Affordable

Smart weather protected Car-ebikes with built-in software for rental and leasing

Low power, data and comms in the ocean; applications in oil and gas and off shore floating wind; brings the cloud to the sea

Ultra-early warning system for wildfires using a large-scale network with solar-powered gas-sensors

Combines technical innovation with nature to combat climate change and deliver sustainable industrial development

Industrial fire suppression business, provides "clean, green agent" N2 fire suppression products
Farm Hand

Connects farmer aggregators and their farmers to accessible farm management and personalised agri-solutions

Public EV charging to parts of Scotland where demand is highest, enabling a faster transition to e-mobility
Hydrogen Systems Australia

Green Hydrogen-based, zero emission,renewable energy systems

World's first inflatable waterwheel to generate affordable, accessible, renewable energy
Katrick Technologies

Carbon-zero energy & cooling technologies based on innovative patented vibrational technologies.
Lambda Energy Ltd

Quantum light engineers'. Photonic materials to maximise performance of solar PV, crops & medical detectors
Limit Jeans

The world's most sustainable denim jeans and is campaigning against resource overconsumption

Patented ultra-high efficiency linear electric motor enabling the world to drastically reduce its carbon footprint

Electric Fuel Card disrupting the multi-billion fuel card market with a digital solution for electric fleets

Reinventing the toilet for out-of-home premises, with a 1.5 litre flush, to save water resources
Seawater Solutions

Agri-environmental tech company developing nature-based agri-systems for climate adaptation
Smart Green Shipping

Hi-tech wingsail systems for existing cargo ships to save 20% fuel and GHG emissions
Subsea Micropiles

Engineered offshore anchors that enable a transformative approach to the growth of offshore wind
Swiss Vault

Data management systems purpose built for the circular economy with 10X lower Carbon footprint

Ultra-strong metal composites to deliver greener & cheaper planes, spacecraft & electric vehicles
Tocardo B.V.

Power generation solutions (lease/buy) to its customers including recurring O&M support

Remotely operated search and rescue services to offshore wind

Energy services platform to plan and operate decarbonised community energy systems


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