Greenbackers Partner Ecosystem

We are a highly collaborative organisation seeking to form mutually productive partnerships with others from the Cleantech ecosystem.

Deep, collaborative partnerships with Accelerators, Government, Academia, Think-tanks, Forums & Service Providers.

Ecosystem Partners

Why become an Ecosystem Partner?

Greenbackers work with top universities, accelerators, business incubators, co-working spaces, colleges, local authorities, support agencies, and corporate service providers.

Collectively, this continually evolving community forms the backbone of Greenbackers global ecosystem for supporting new & growing businesses.

Start-ups need more than capital! Through this programme, Greenbackers aims to help support and accelerate the growth of the world’s most innovative climate ventures. Join us!

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Partner benefits


Warm introductions to help you build business relationships and network with climate industry thought leaders, investors and start-ups.

Access online roundtables, join and contribute to knowledge sharing events.


Showcase your expertise to Greenbackers community of start-ups and funds.

Raise your ESG and business brand in climate. Benefit from technology, industry and investment insight.

Get support

Raise your industry profile from connecting with Greenbackers 50,000+ LinkedIn followers.

Senior members of Greenbackers team available to join your own events as panellists or participators.


Share news, thought pieces and events via Greenbackers website, LinkedIn and membership communications.

Gain introductions to fellow Greenbackers Partners with a view to collaboration on projects.