Keep your competitive edge with robust payments and hedging solutions from Corpay Cross-Border Solutions

Corpay is a leading provider of cross-border payments, powering the movement of money globally, and helping businesses execute plans to manage their currency risk. As a trusted partner to over 25,000 customers, we aim to deliver unmatched service and innovative solutions designed to address unique global payment needs.

We’re here to help Greenbackers entrepreneurs and investors solve the unique challenges associated with processing cross-border payments and currency risk management. Our expertise includes connecting you quickly and efficiently to global payment gateways, helping you navigate regulatory and compliance matters, and employing best practice security protocols.

Corpay by the numbers:

  • One of the largest non-bank providers of FX and risk management solutions in the world
  • 24 offices in ten countries
  • Serving more than 25 000 active commercial and private clients
  • More than 3,3 million payments in 2021
  • More than 780 employees
  • Payments to 200 countries in 145 currencies
  • US $62.9 billion traded in FX in 2021; $81.8 billion total transactions
  • 100 correspondent banks and counterparty trading institutions on 6 continents
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We tailor solutions to:

Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises: Time and money are two resources businesses can’t afford to waste. Further, FX movements can have a devastating impact on your bottom line. Our solutions are designed to simplify your payments process and maximise your resources to effectively protect your cash flows – helping your business grow.

Venture Capital and Private Equity: With a wealth of knowledge and experience across private equity and venture capital, Corpay creates bespoke strategies to satisfy each client’s FX needs. If you are purchasing a business in foreign currency, we can assist with the currency payment as we understand that timing of settlement is crucial. With globally held bank accounts we are able to deliver funds to meet your investment deadlines.

Our products are designed specifically to help you with:

Early Release Settlement: We offer you the ability to pay overseas suppliers early, helping to improve relationships and enjoy payment discounts. This solution, Fast-Track Payments, is designed to help you scale revenue growth and build shareholder value by processing an FX payment as early as same-day, and settling with Corpay up to 28 days in the future. Deferred settlement can help minimize debt loads, free up lines of credit to fuel expansion, and otherwise improve overall cash flow efficiency.

Currency Risk Management: We provide the tools you need to efficiently move money across borders while keeping currency risk under control. If your small or mid-sized business sources product or sells into different countries, foreign exchange movements can have a devastating impact on your bottom line. Our solutions are designed to effectively protect your cash flows, manage exposures, and capitalize on market opportunities – helping your business grow internationally.

What our customers say about Corpay:

We have been utilizing Corpay for a significant majority of our organization’s FX hedging volume for several years. Throughout this time, we have established strong working relationships with Corpay’s team of traders and strategists who have helped us develop creative hedging structures on numerous occasions, all the while not bogging us down with paperwork or tying up a significant amount of my capital in margin deposits. Their pricing has always been very competitive and their focus on customer service has been second to none. I highly recommend Corpay.

Andrew Shortried, President and Managing Partner, Aventine Asset Management

I have been a satisfied client of Corpay for about 20 years and I have a great relationship with my account representative. I get great service and they have been a pleasure to work with. I am aware of other forex service providers that offer tighter spreads (ie. slightly better rates), particularly for ILS. However the funds delivery takes longer because they do not offer a payment acceptance limit like Corpay does. They won’t send out your international payment until your local funds clear. They don’t offer the ability to hold your foreign funds in a holding account.  You have to convert and send right away.  There is no personal touch with a specific account representative. However, with Corpay, I get all of these things.

Loren Spigelman, Director, Gold Seal Asset Management

Greenbackers is pleased to recommend Corpay and welcomes them to our growing support network. Corpay’s in-depth knowledge and expertise in managing international, often complicated, financial transactions sets them apart – especially with time-sensitive payments and on-demand delivery. They are a natural fit for our growing ecosystem of service Partners and highly relevant to both growing start-ups and funds alike.

Robert Hokin, Managing Partner, Greenbackers Investment Capital

You can feel confident working with Corpay, as we are backed by our parent company, FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:FLT) a leading global business payments company based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. FLEETCOR is a Fortune 1000 firm, an S&P 500 member and has USD $2.8B in annual revenue with a market capitalization of USD $18.2B (as of December 31, 2021).

We combine the power and capabilities of a large financial institution with the agility of a fintech, finding ingenious ways to connect our clients with success, as the premier provider of international payments and currency risk management solutions.

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