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Greenbackers Andrew Smith is recruited to help decarbonise the 6th most polluting “country” in the world.

SHIP ZERO Hybrid Event 1,2,3 Nov 2021 Glasgow, United Kingdom

We are used to dealing with BIG problems. Helping to decarbonise the vital shipping sector certainly qualifies. The world goes along with significant parts of the energy mix and the food we eat is all impacted by the high levels of carbon generated.

We are delighted that Greenbacker Andrew Smith has been invited to debate the issues involved at Ship Zero and bring insights to bear on this hard to decarbonise sector.

The leading international collaboration platform for achieving true zero in the maritime sector, Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association (ZESTAs), is organizing a disruptive and interactive event coinciding with COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland.

This hybrid face-to-face/virtual event is your COP26 opportunity to align with the razor’s edge of innovation, driving the maritime industry toward wave-breaking change.

Join Andrew and shipping initiators to plot a course through stormy seas of regulation, finance and fuel uncertainty to become a foundational partner in the navigational chart and action roadmap: “Voyage to True Zero”. 

1 November 2021