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Greenbackers Pitch @ Decarb Connect, Amsterdam, 21-23 June: ‘Hard to Abate Industries’

Greenbackers Climate Tech Tour continues in Amsterdam on Tuesday 21 June at 4 pm CET. Meet technology disruptors Carnot, Kleanbus, Redstack and Tocardo at Greenbackers next SuperPitch along with Andrew Smith, commencing with a panel moderated by Andrew on the subject of “Practical steps for industrials to scale-up and speed-up the adoption of low carbon technologies”.

Sustainability, energy transition and decarbonisation executives from across Europe will hear first-hand industrial perspectives, case studies and project updates from within the region. Join us in Amsterdam alongside 150+ industry experts as we discuss the pathway to decarbonisation, including their vc/investor arms and other interested investors.

All tickets are two for the price of one, quote GB25 to save an extra 25%

Featured sessions include: the buyers’ perspectives on demand side, signals for low carbon materials, disruptor pitches and voting, and European industrial hub showcases.

Greenbackers @ Decarb Connect is the place to be to gain actionable insights from industrials – benefit from deep dives into net-zero strategy from across the hard-to-abate sectors with companies including Holcim, ArcelorMittal, Titan Cement, BASF, RUSAL, Cemex, NSG Pilkington and more, with collaboration through working groups, roundtable discussions, polling and breakouts to accelerate decarbonisation.

You’ll get data, share experience and rub shoulders with senior executives leading decarbonisation in industry.

The Greenbackers Session, “Practical steps for industrials to scale-up and speed-up the adoption of low carbon technologies”, moderated by Greenbackers Executive director, Andrew Smith, with panellists:

Followed by Greenbackers SuperPitch Showcasing these solutions at 4:45 pm

Companies presenting:

Carnot Energies:
Carnot has developed the worlds most-efficient, low to net zero, fuel agnostic powertrain. Our solution provides all the benefits of modern engines without emissions or inefficiencies offering the most practical net-zero solutions for these heavy markets which cannot rely on fuel cells or batteries due to cost/weight issues

Kleanbus has developed a pre-fabricated and pre-tested product that enables numerous buses to be converted in a short space of time, causing minimal disruption to the operators and enabling them to realize the operational benefits of their converted fleet sooner. The whole solution can be funded out of opex savings and with no capex required.

Tocardo is the inventor and the manufacturer of the most widely used hydro flow turbines. In 2015 we have established the world’s largest commercial tidal installation with five turbines in array so far. We have seen the impact our technology can have, and we believe that we have can (and will) change the world for better.

REDstack supplies process design and membrane stacks, for generating power out of contacting flows of fresh water and salt water; where the river flows into the sea, the powerplants based on this technology can generate 100s of MW. As the power is available 365/24/7, the costs of storage are eliminated, and grid stability is supported.