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Scope 3 Emissions Tracking, Blockchain & Bitcoin & the Follically Challenged!

Greenbackers Andrew Smith and Temple Melville of ScotCoin discuss the climate emergency and how blockchain could help track level 3 emissions.

Listen now:

Greenbackers Andrew Smith joined his old friend Temple Melville to discuss the climate emergency and Temple’s recent project- ScotCoin, Scotland’s first and only crypto currency. SCOT (as it’s known) is formed as a community interest company, with a charitable goal to making Scotland a better place, an ambition to be commended.

Andrew Smith commented the following:

“It was an absolute pleasure to record a podcast with my old friend, Temple Melville. Temple and I have known each other for over 40 years (gulp!) and through that time he’s been involved in a number of interesting endeavours. His recent project, Scotcoin, is an intriguing idea (although one which I openly confess I don’t thoroughly understand). We chatted about the climate emergency, crypto currencies, and the power of blockchain technologies to help track scope 3 emissions … and bald men fighting over combs!”