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Andrew Smith is a panellist on the session ‘Financing Technologies to Net Zero’ at The North Sea Decarbonisation Conference

DAY 2 Wednesday, May 12, 2021  13:00 – 14:00 PM GMT

EIC (Energy Industries Council )The North Sea Decarbonisation Conference Sessions.

Andrew is a panellist on The North Sea’s pathway to financing net zero session, alongside OGTC, Baker Hughes, Siemens Energy, Wood, & C-Power. Reenst Lesemann, CEO of C-Power is presenting his technology in the case study element of the session.

The EU and UK have unveiled plans to eliminate its contributions to climate change by 2050. With less than 30 years to deliver net zero ambitions, a more systematic approach to financing is now needed.

If the North Sea Nations are to effectively achieve net zero targets and wider climate goals, there is a significant requirement for the expansion of net-zero investment, to further accelerate innovation and affordable technologies.

The question is what action is needed now to build the required frameworks to create an integrated North Sea net zero energy system.

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