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Greenbackers first year report to the UN Sustainable Blue Finance Initiative

Mobilising Capital for Sustainable Oceans. The United Nations Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative is a UN-convened global community focused on the intersection between private finance and ocean health, supporting the implementation of the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles.

This group, which Greenbackers are signatories and privileged to be members of, works across the financial community to provide guidance and frameworks to ensure investment, underwriting and lending activities are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG 14), ‘life below water’ enabling financial institutions to rebuild ocean prosperity, restore biodiversity and regenerate ocean health.

Greenbackers Executive Director Andrew Smith observes: “The challenging world of seabed mounted tidal turbines was my first introduction to the reality of the Blue Economy. Since 2013 I have been involved in ocean energy and blue economy businesses and deals. I have seen a plethora of glorious photographs and films of oceans, and tides  – and they are always inspiring, always make me want to do more to harness the amazing resources they show, and always reenforce the urgency of preserving the biodiversity and rich environment too.

With the skill set I have – such as it is – the ways in which I can do something to help are all bound up with the reality of new, clean, blue economy technologies; of seeking and winning internal champions in operational businesses; of listening to the needs of blue economy businesses as they examine their operations and then explore and plan their transition to a new, low carbon future; and then of bringing these together with those who have the vision, the mandate and the access to capital that can deliver these transformational concepts, projects, technologies and businesses and help in the climate change fight.

The Sustainable Blue Finance Principles were easy for us to sign up to: they represent what we do, and capture what we aspire to do better and more of, every day.”

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