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Greenbackers’ Andrew Smith joins the Board of the UK’s Marine Energy Council

Since its formation in 2018, the Marine Energy Council (MEC) has played a leading role in representing the tidal stream and wave energy sectors, leading to an improved and improving external environment. This includes: 

  • Securing a £20m ringfence support for tidal stream as part of AR4. 
  • Working closely with the Welsh Government on the development of a wave and tidal revenue support scheme expected to have a budget of £150m.
  • Organising visits with the Energy Minister to key sites. 
  • The creation of a tidal stream and wave energy working group with BEIS.
  • Securing a Westminster Hall Debate on tidal stream energy. 
  • Proactively representing industry views in government consultations, and ensuring key stakeholders remain updated on industry developments.
  • Creating a forum for collective discussion and organisation to advance the sectors’ interests.

To continue to deliver on the industries’ priorities and effectively represent its interests the UK MEC is moving from a representative body to an industry group.

Andrew commented “I am delighted to be joining the MEC Board at such an exciting and pivotal time for the marine energy sector – as the drivers for a clean energy mix have never been stronger and as investor appetite to participate is returning.”