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Hosted by Managing Partner Robert Hokin, investors met with David Hollander, Propelair CEO and CFO, Tony Jones.

Propelair exists to save water in a world that literally flushes over 7% of its available drinking water down the drain. They are a UK designer and manufacturer of the world’s lowest water-flush toilet – new technology, reinventing sanitation systems unchanged for over 200 years.

Engineered specifically for commercial, public and heavy footfall premises, the Propelair system connects easily to existing plumbing systems, saves money, saves water and improves hygiene. It is also ideal for off-grid premises where waste removal is costly.

With over 4,200 installations in the UK and South Africa, Propelair’s turnover was c£1m in 2019, has weathered Covid-19 impact in 2020 with a strong 2021 forecast, will multiply nearly fourfold in 2022, with specifying and other repeat customers expected to be over 40% of their revenue. Currently raising Series A, Equity or Convertible Loan Note.

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25 October 2021