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Online Roundtable: FX & Fundraising: Derisking Big Money Deals

Greenbackers recently hosted a roundtable with our partners at Corpay, focussing on the importance of managing foreign exchange risks. The replay video is now available. See below.

Have you considered the impact of the FX (foreign exchange) market volatility on your bottom line? Or the impact on your fundraise, should funds come from outside of your country?

Founders – did you know that a $1m USD investment in your business last September 2022 would have been worth £920k GBP then, but is only worth £820k today, June 2023? 

When currency market volatility increases, and in times of uncertainty, a regular and systematic review can be important and may save you money, particularly during a fundraise.

Greenbackers Investment Capital convened a roundtable session with industry experts Corpay, to help our entrepreneur and investor community to better understand and approach the challenges associated with processing cross-border payments and currency risk management. You can see the replay below.

Mark Hannigan (Greenbackers), Robert Hokin (Greenbackers), Joe Dunkley (Corpay), Charlie Parker (Corpay) discussed how profitability can be maximised when dealing with large overseas transactions on 28 June 2023.

To watch the replay of this roundtable (40 minutes duration), CLICK HERE

To speak to someone from Corpay about your own FX needs, click here to schedule an appointment.

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More about Corpay: Corpay’s expertise includes connecting you quickly and efficiently to global payment gateways; helping you navigate complex regulatory and compliance matters; providing insight into currency market movements and supporting your hedging strategies; and employing best-practice security protocols.

Corpay’s primary focus is to understand your needs and help minimise FX risk, tailoring the execution of services to the fund or venture. 

  • For ventures seeking funding, Corpay can also help protect and maximise the value of funds received from international investors, as well as disbursements for teams and projects located outside the UK.
  • For investors and fund managers, Corpay can execute hedging solutions to suit the specific structure and investment profile of each fund, including locking exchange rates when calling capital and reducing or eliminating collateral deposits* to free up more investible assets.

To learn more about Corpay and the services it can provide you CLICK HERE