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See all Greenbackers COP27 Pitch Presenters here!

Greenbackers COP27 Climate Pitch took place on 17 November in London. Whether you attended, had to leave early, or missed joining us on the day, it was a fantastic event, one of our best, with 16 compelling technology ventures presenting. We recorded the day and have broken it into bite-sized pitch videos for you to see below.

Each and every venture’s full details are on our deal platform with much more detailed information, including full pitch deck and business plan. There is something there for every funder, regardless of thesis!

Panel Session: Watch Greenbackers Investment Capital’s Executive Director Andrew Smith moderating and discussing “SME’s, Large Corporates & IPO’s: Routes to growth capital and early investor exits” with John-March Bunce of Cenkos Securities and Simon Dale-Lace of WSP.

For all active Funds who are already participating in our Investment Showcase: any companies you wish to progress your interest with, just click on the ‘Funding’ tab of any profile in the deal room and then ‘Mark my Interest’. Greenbackers will then co-ordinate a call with the management team on your behalf.

Opportunities to co-invest are standard. If you are a Fund but NOT YET participating in our Investment Showcase amd wish to, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a meeting with either:

Andrew Smith at [email protected]
or Robert Hokin at [email protected]

1. Blockchain Triangle, Digital finance platform for Climate and Infrastructure assets.

2. CPower, Brings the cloud to the sea and turns the ocean into a power and data enriched environment.

3. EcoGen Technologies, Enabling the renewably powered shift, to clean energy, for anyone, anywhere.

4. ep group, ep group is a purpose led business that invests in smaller, talented companies to deliver sustainable impact.

5. Gazelle Wind Power, Patented technology for a unique floating lighter weight offshore wind platform.

6. Grafmarine, Solar power generation and energy storage solution to help decarbonise the shipping industry.

7. Greenbackers Investment Capital, yes, Greenbackers own TopCo raise. Finance-as-a-Service platform bringing investible climate technology to the world.

8. Hygge Energy, Platform for trading renewable energy and carbon credits.

9. Hydrogen Systems Australia, Deploying environmentally vital, zero emission, and affordable Green Hydrogen renewable energy systems.

10. Jackson Distillers, Building a carbon absorbing 20m litres pa grain whisky distillery in the Scottish Borders.

11. Karfu, Impartial vehicle & mobility comparison platform to help consumers save money, time & the planet.

12. Kitemill, Airborne wind energy systems to harvest wind energy using 90 % less material.

13. Kleanbus, Scalable solution converts diesel buses to zero emission electric buses with minimal time, cost and risk.

14. Lambda Agri, Quantum light engineers’. Their photonic materials can increase crop yields and improve solar panel performance.

15. REDstack, Sustainable and full continuous source of energy, reducing need for storage in energy mix.

16. Voltaware, Electricity data insights platform to help users save energy and improve their comfort at home.